60-Year Marriage Celebrated in Widower’s Museum of Love

Museums are wonderful reminders of events, artwork, archeological displays and historical artifacts that have changed the course of countless lives around the globe. From the Louvre Museum in Paris, France to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., museums help us to remember, celebrate, and even discover those precious things that humanity shares. And that is why the Museum of Love in Starkville, Mississippi is such a beautiful accomplishment.


The Museum of Love is the endeavor of widower Charles “LaLa” Evans. It is a uniquely beautiful monument that testifies to the love story that he and his wife Louise spent nearly 60 years of marriage writing. When Louise passed suddenly in 2011, Charles decided that a headstone wasn’t enough to honor the love of his life. For Charles, true love is a force so powerful that it must be respected and shared. That’s why he decided to build Louise a museum that would showcase the incredible story of their love.

Charles met Louise way back in 1949. They were only in high school, but he knew the moment he laid eyes on her that his life would never be the same. “When you looked at her, it was like electrical shock,” he said in an interview with CBS News. “I guess it’s love.” And for Charles, the rest was history. And well-documented history at that. The small museum, which is located behind his home, is packed with the most touching memorabilia and photographs that display the powerful connection that Charles and Louise shared.

From the most insignificant details to the most unlikely, there is something special to be found in each and every corner. Charles remembers how one photograph was taken at a restaurant that Louise never liked, because she had been embarrassed when he caught her laughing with food in her mouth during one of their visits there. He even has the shoe shine stand that he was working at when he and Louise first met. For him, these were the moments and events that contributed to the most important thing in his entire life; the love he shared with his wife.

In the beginning, not many people visited the small museum. But after word began to spread about the Museum of Love, travelers who had likewise been touched by a similar love began coming from all over the globe to visit with Charles and share in his and Louise’s incredible story. In fact, the museum was even featured in a music video by the band Mutemath. It’s undeniable that this touching tribute to the story of Charles and Louise Evans has gone on to impact the lives of countless others through the strength of their love.

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