Australian Youngster Spreads Joy Through Bicycle Restoration

Tia Brennen may only be 11-years-old, but she’s proving that age is just a number when it comes to making a difference in your community. In fact, she’s a seasoned veteran at charity work in her home country of Australia.

It all started when Tia was only nine. When she and her family were on holiday, Tia noticed a bunch of bikes that had been discarded. They were visiting the cavern park at Swan Lake on the South Coast, but Tia still wanted to do something.

Even though the bikes were in disrepair, Tia knew they could still have a wonderful purpose for someone in need. “I saw all these bikes at the rubbish bins and I asked my mum if I could take the bikes home. I wanted to give the bikes to kids that need them, and I want them to have fun and do some exercise and be healthy.”

With the help of her father and younger sister, Tia was able to repair, repaint, and gift more than 30 bikes to different charities such as The Benevolent Society, Campbelltown, UnitingCare Burnside Macarthur, The Salvation Army at Macquarie Fields, and MDSI Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative.

But Tia didn’t stop there. The youngster, who is an avid bike rider herself, has continued to find and restore discarded bikes for the last two years. Now 11-years-old, Tia has actually founded her own charity organization, called “Tell Tia For Charity.” She runs a community Facebook page, where she shares her inspiration for projects. “I want to make other kids smile by receiving a bike,” she says. “Please help me do that.”

The years haven’t dampened Tia’s enthusiasm for helping others. She continues to accept donations and restores the bikes with help from her family and other volunteers. “I feel very proud of myself, and happy that kids are able to do the same thing as me,” she said in one interview. “I’m helping children get healthy and go outdoors.”

The young change-maker hopes that her story will show the world that even the smallest or youngest person can make a difference through charity work. If you would like to learn more about Tia’s projects, visit her Facebook page at

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