Bus Driver Pauses Route to Help Stranded Schoolgirl Find Her Way

Morning commutes can be drag. Whether you drive your own car, take the subway, or hop on a bus, the frequent delays and traffic jams can quickly turn a routine journey into a stop-and-go nightmare. Public transit workers are often put under incredible pressure to keep their routes on schedule to avoid disgruntled passengers. But one bus driver in the UK risked the wrath of those he was ferrying when he decided to stop his bus and help a girl who appeared to be lost earlier this month.

Wiki Commons, Wikimedia

The driver of an unidentified No. 16 First Bus happened upon the girl while picking up passengers at a stop in Leeds, a city in northern England. The girl had been waiting for her bus, but had been standing on the wrong side of the road. She became distraught after realizing that she had missed her bus, and expressed how worried she was that she would miss her first day of high school.

But that was not going to happen. Thanks to the kindness of the mystery bus driver, this stranded girl was quickly sent on her way. The bus driver pulled out his cell phone and called the girl a cab. He arranged for her to be picked up at a nearby gas station. Going still further to ensure the girl’s successful arrival, he walked her to the gas station and pulled out $6.50 from his pocket to cover the cab fare.

Lynsey Jayes, Facebook

Lynsey Jayes was one of the passengers of that particular No. 16 bus that morning. She captured a photo of the driver, which she shared on her Facebook timeline, along with the story of how he had gone out of his way to help the anxious girl. “This bus driver on the number 16 this morning deserves a huge pat on the back,” her post started off. And even though the driver’s actions caused a 10-minute delay in the bus service, most of the passengers didn’t really seem to mind.

“It was just lovely to see,” Lynsey told a local news outlet. “It certainly made everyone on the bus smile, and he certainly brightened up a very wet and miserable morning.” The bus driver may have added a little time to that morning’s commute, but his kindness touched the lives of both the girl and his passengers. And Lynsey, along with many others, appreciated the gesture no matter the time it took, saying, “Now that is a reason I don’t mind my bus running late for.”

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