Canadian Teen’s Quick Thinking Saves Woman from Abduction

For most people, conflict is something to be avoided. Especially if it doesn’t directly affect you. But Malyk Bonnet is not most people. The 17-year-old Québec resident is being hailed as a hero after his quick thinking and direct intervention helped free aa woman who had been abducted by her ex-boyfriend.

CBC News, Montreal

Malyk, who was working as a restaurant cook, was waiting to catch a bus back to his home in the north end of Montreal on the afternoon of August 1, 2015. He could see a couple fighting across the street from where he was standing. The man was screaming at the woman, and handling her roughly. Malyk was concerned that the man might turn violent, so he began carefully watching the couple.

Eventually, he decided to approach them. When he got a little bit closer, the couple asked him for money so that they could buy bus tickets to Laval. Thinking that keeping the two in a public place would minimize the risk of violence, Malyk asked them to accompany him to a convenience store so he could get them some change.

At one point, Malyk was able to get the woman alone. Her terrified pleas for help confirmed Malyk’s suspicions that something wasn’t right. So he came up with a brilliant plan. “I decided to make myself friendly with the man, so he would trust me,” Malyk said. “So I played my game.”

Malyk, whose cellphone had died, accompanied the couple to Laval. When they arrived, he offered to take the couple to a Tim Hortons for some food and coffee. He gave the man $50 to pay for the order, and excused himself to go to the bathroom. Once he was out of sight, Malyk borrowed a cellphone from another patron and immediately called the police.

Unbeknownst to Malyk, the police were already in pursuit of the couple. Police knew the woman had been abducted, and that her ex-boyfriend was the culprit. The search was intense, because the man had already been convicted of assaulting and harassing his girlfriend previously.

When the police arrived minutes later, the kidnapper was caught completely by surprise. In fact, he didn’t suspect Malyk of having turned him it at all. “He was really surprised,” Malyk said. “He didn’t know that it was me, so I played my game right.” Police praised the teen for how well he managed the situation, and believe that Malyk’s actions potentially saved the woman’s life.

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