The Diner Where Diners are Family

Big Time Diner, Facebook

Anyone who’s ever working the food service industry will tell you it’s not a gig for the faint of heart. From the mid-day rush to cranky customers, working in a restaurant can certainly have its ups and downs. And customer service is just one more thing you have to fit in during a long shift on your feet. But for one diner in Mobile, Alabama, customer service is taking center stage after a photo went viral on Facebook.

The Big Time Diner is a staple establishment in Mobile. The town favorite is always busy and bustling with patrons lining up out the door every so often. Cornbread dressing, homemade mac and cheese, crispy fried chicken, and milkshakes so thick that you have to eat them with a spoon are just a few of the delectable staples that keep the locals coming back for more.

Destin Richardson, Facebook

But good ol’ Southern home cooking isn’t the only thing their serving up. The owner of the local eatery was caught displaying some legendary Southern hospitality last Sunday in the middle of the afternoon rush. Diner regular Destin Richardson caught Big Time’s owner Mitch Nyeste stopping to help cut up an elderly man’s food.

“I just wanted to take a second to brag about Big Time Diner here in Mobile,” Richardson said in the post. “This fella here is the owner of Big Time Diner. He was assisting this elderly gentleman. Cut his food up for him. He also came around to EVERY table in the restaurant and spoke to everyone, seeing how their meal was and seeing if anyone needs anything else.” Asking others to please share, Richardson added that, “You don’t see this often anymore. This guy right here CARES a lot about his business!”

It’s easy to see why Big Time Diner is so popular among those who frequent its old timey booths and breakfast bar. Because at Big Time Diner, it’s not just what you order, it’s how you’re treated that matters.

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