From Paralyzed to Paralympian Dreamer

Josh Landmann was always a go-getter. The athletic Brit from Lancashire has always enjoyed physical challenges. In fact, Josh was an avid athlete playing rugby and hockey at quite high levels. He was a cricket player and a swimmer for his school team. But in 2014, Josh saw his life change forever.

Josh and his friends were vacationing at the Atlantis Resort on the island of Ibiza. While he and his mates were cooling off in the pool, tragedy struck. When Josh dove into an unmarked pool, he hit his head and broke his neck. The freak accident left the 20-year-old with a shattered vertebra and a compressed spine, and robbed him of all sensation below the waist.

Josh spent the next six weeks in four different hospitals, going from surgery to surgery. The prognosis was grim, and doctor’s warned Josh and his family that he would never regain use of his legs. And this proved to be true for about a week. Determined to beat the odds, Josh was soon able to wiggle his toes and produce slight movements in his legs. He even regained some sensation in his feet.

Josh’s courage and determination went viral after a video of him competing in the Tough Mudder obstacle course made waves across the web. With the help of his Dad, Josh competed in the grueling obstacle course. Over 10 miles of mud and 20 obstacles later, Josh faced the Everest challenge, a 15-foot slick pipe with a recurved lip. With the help of his father, obstacle organizers, and other participants, Josh made it up and over the daunting structure.

Josh is now 23 years old, and training to compete in the 2022 Winter Paralympics Games in Bejing, China. Josh was an avid skier from an early age, and is now finding a way to incorporate that love back into his life. While standard skiing is out of reach, Josh has taken up sit-skiing on a trip to Poland. He completed his first competitive race with only six months of experience. He is now dedicating himself to finding a place on the Paralympic Podium, and inspiring countless others along the way.

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