Hiker Finds Car Keys And Does What?

A woman went for a hike in Griffith Park, Los Angeles and somewhere along the way lost her car keys. She was very distraught and tried to trace back her steps to find them. After looking extensively, she had lost all hope and returned home.

When she returned to her car, she found this note:


It turns out, a random hiker found her car keys and actually took the time out of their day to locate where the car was in order to return the keys to their rightful owner. We have not seen an act of kindness this grand in a while and believe that it is definitely worth mentioning. What makes this act so much greater is that to this day, no one knows who the kind person is. They truly felt compelled to return the keys without any form of reimbursement or recognition. We can all learn something from this angel-like hiker.

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