Local Man’s Efforts Ensure Hope Continues for Cancer Grant Funds in Mississippi Thanks


The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure has been one of the most significant forces in the fight against breast cancer. From the very first race in 1983 where 800 participants marched to raise awareness through to today where over one million people regularly participate in the race, the non-profit organization is one of the most recognizable and dedicated entities in cancer research and awareness. But after some bad press and a few bumps in the road, many of the Koman Centers and 5K races are being shut down. Chapters across the nation, including in Arizona and Maine, have closed their doors since the beginning of 2017.

When Adam Morris heard that the Race for the Cure in his town of Tupelo, Mississippi would no longer take place, he decided to do something about it. An avid participant in the 5K event, Morris has made something of a name for himself due to the audacious and flamboyant attire he usually wears to the event. Now, he’s committing himself to pick up the fight were the Koman Center no longer can.

He’s calling it “Hope Continued.” This new 5K race will fundraise in order to continuing providing grants to local hospitals that will cover cancer treatment for patients without insurance coverage. They also help patients by giving out gas cards if they have a long commute to get to their doctors’ appointments or cancer treatments. Everything from helping to pay for prescriptions to getting wigs for chemo patients is funded by the grant established by the Koman Center. Morris wants to make sure that Hope Continued keeps that grant available.

“Breast cancer awareness is all about having that hope, and we just want to continue the effort here locally and take care of our community and our neighbors,” Morris said in an interview with a local news station. The race is scheduled for October 28, and will follow the same route as its predecessor. In the meantime, Morris is looking for volunteers to help staff the event. To learn more or get involved, visit https://racesonline.com/events/hope-continues-5k.

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