News Spot Highlights Inspiring Stories in Chicago Neighborhoods

It’s not often that you turn on the TV to find the news sharing stories of hope, kindness, or cheer. And for the citizens of Chicago, it can be hard to find the goodness buried under reports of violence, oppression, and strife. That’s why the NBC 5 news team has a weekly segment called “Making a Difference” that highlights some of the most inspiring things taking place in the city. In their upcoming segment, “The Good in Our Neighborhoods,” the team shines a light on some of the local individuals who are taking it upon themselves to strengthen their communities by giving back.

NBC 5’s reporter Allison Rosati invites viewers to join her as she gets to know some of the individuals making a difference in Chicago. The episode follows the efforts of several community leaders and various organizations that are working in city and suburban neighborhoods to facilitate positive change in a number of diverse and powerful ways.

And as the NBC 5 team quickly learned, there were plenty of heartwarming stories to share. From a Chicago community center that helps to shelter children and teenagers from the drugs and violence that occur on the streets of some rougher neighborhoods to an athletics program that works with disabled individuals, there is no shortage of inspiration to be gained from Chicago citizens.

According to NBC 5 spokeswoman Diane Hannes, this segment has truly been making a difference since it first aired in 2013. Over the past four years, the news team at NBC 5 has aired more than 1,000 stories not just on TV, but across a number of social and print platforms as well. The station even a Community Action Board made up of community leaders that helps to highlight important issues and recognize individuals and organizations that are serving their communities in impactful ways.

: Screenshot from The Good in Our Neighborhoods, NBC 5 Chicago, Making a Difference

The team at NBC 5 in Chicago are proving that communities are just as interested in the inspiring as they are in any other kind of news. And thanks to their hard work and dedication, Chicago residents will continue to hear inspiring stories of hope and change every Saturday evening when they tune in to their local news station.

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