How One Non-Profit is Using Photography to Inspire Hope

TheFamilyAlbumProject, Facebook

With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, digital photos and videos have rapidly replaced the traditional photo album and home movies. In an age where it’s as easy to snap a photo and send it out without a second thought, the value of professional portraits is being forgotten. That’s why a group of volunteer photographers have been giving away free portraits for the past several years. It’s called the Family Album Project, and it allows families and individuals who would otherwise be unable to purchase a portrait to capture their families and their lives in a tangible way that can be passed down from generation to generation.

TheFamilyAlbumProject, Facebook

The California based operation formed in 2011. Since then, they’ve given away more than 23,000 portraits. Not only do the portraits give their owners a sense of dignity and pride, they also can help to inspire joy, love, and hope. The Family Album Project does this by partnering with dozens of non-profit organizations that serve the most vulnerable members of communities in California.

TheFamilyAlbumProject, Facebook

The Family Album Project often partners with the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Homeward Bound Transitional Housing, and many others to offer professional portraits that capture the love, courage, and rawness of human life. The project also travels to undeveloped communities located outside the United States to bring the joy of photography to groups that might otherwise have never seen a camera.

The mobile photo studio makes the process easy and convenient for the subjects, and It only takes 10 minutes to print the portraits, and each is placed in a cardboard frame to keep it safe. Over 90% of the pictures that have been taken can be viewed online at The Family Album Project’s website.

From fairytale and superhero themed shoots with cancer stricken kids in a local hospital to groups of Mayan families living in a remote area of Guatemala, The Family Album Project is committed to bringing the magic of professional portrait photography to those who will appreciate it the most. To find out more, visit

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