One Woman’s Hobby is Proving that “Kindness Rocks”

Painting on rocks and stones is a tried and true crafting past time that takes place all over the world. Some children paint their house numbers on rocks in art class so they can display them on their front porches. Others paint whimsical patterns or cute animals on the rocks to use as decorations for their gardens. Megan Murphy paints encouraging messages on rocks to leave in random places in the hopes of inspiring others.

Megan Murphy is a Woman’s Empowerment Coach who has dedicated her life to supporting strong women. Feeling overwhelmed by discouraging world events she saw taking place, she decided to aspire to spread kindness in her own unique way. She began painting uplifting messages on different rocks, then leaving them tucked away in random places. She hoped that individuals who came across the rocks would be comforted and encouraged by the “kindness rocks.”

The hobby started with just a few rocks, but soon began to take on a life of its own. Megan began receiving messages from strangers who had found her rocks. They shared how much the encounter had meant to them, and asked how they could get involved. And that’s how The Kindness Rocks Project was born.

Megan began devoting more and more time to painting rocks, dropping them off around her community and even on the beaches of Cape Cod. She created pages on social media, developed a website, and began soliciting others to join in the project. Chapters of Kindness Rocks began popping up all over the New England Region. Thanks to the many tourists that visit Cape Cod every year, the project has even spread beyond the United States into Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, India, Thailand, Haiti, Italy, and England.

To learn more about The Kindness Rocks Project and how you can join or start a chapter in your area, visit

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