Rednecks in Monster Trucks Come to the Rescue in Houston

Hurricane Harvey will surely go down in history as one of the most significant natural disasters to ever come to Texas. The record flooding that has overtaken Houston and other parts of the state has proven tricky not just for locals, but for rescuers and first responders. But an unlikely group of citizens have come to the rescue in the unlikeliest of ways.

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They are monster truck drivers. And their rigs are uniquely equipped to maneuver through the murky floodwaters. Able to navigate where most vehicles would be lost to the current,

One group of five drivers, known as ‘Rednecks with Paychecks’ at their local racetrack, drove in from Dallas to lend a hand. Another group of trucking driving volunteers from Louisiana have been nicknamed the ‘Cajun Army.’

These rescue volunteers have been able to reach many flood-ravaged neighborhoods that have been inaccessible to normal rescue vehicles. The truck drivers have joined ranks with more than 200 boats, 300 pickups, and 600 volunteers that are working to provide relief to victims of Harvey.

Airport mechanic Josh James is one of the drivers who took to the flooded streets in his monster truck to help rescue individuals in need. In fact, the above video shows Josh rescuing an Army vehicle that had succumbed to the flooding after being sent in to help victims. “It’s funny,” Josh said in an interview with Fox Business, “people always say that we have no use for those.” But Josh and a handful of other monster truck owners proved that the intimidating vehicles – which have incredibly high clearance – are some of the most useful trucks around when it comes to navigating flood waters.

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