Redskins Players Buy Xbox for Young Fan

Gordon Bynum, Facebook

When 10-year-old Jaden Watt walked into his local GameStop one day last week, he wasn’t expecting to purchase anything. The boy was actually killing time while his grandmother got her makeup done at one of the other shops in the Dulles 28 Centre shopping center in Sterling, Virginia where the GameStop was located. But as fate would have it, Jaden happened to wander into the same store where Redskins running backs Rob Kelley and Keith Marshall were killing time as well.

Jaden, who was wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey, was greeted by the NFL players when he walked in the store. They complimented him on his jersey, but Jaden didn’t realize who they were. Jaden continued to wander through the store looking at games and consoles. When he politely asked the clerk how much the Xbox One cost, the Rob and Keith overheard the conversation. The price tag was obviously too big for the 10-year-old, but not for the NFL stars.

“You want to help him out and get it for him?” Keith asked Rob. And the answer, of course, was yes. “I’ve been in that place where I wanted something and couldn’t have it,” Rob later shared. “So it felt good just to be in a position to spare two, three hundred dollars to help a kid out.”

The men approached Jaden and offered to buy him the Xbox. The boy was understandably confused by the situation, and didn’t know quite how to respond. The players finally said, “If you want the game, say yes.” Though many kids would jump at the opportunity to go home with a free Xbox One, Jaden insisted that he had to make sure it was okay with his grandmother first.

Jaden’s grandmother was just as surprised as he was that the two strangers were willing to purchase her grandson such a nice piece of equipment. She didn’t recognize that the men were NFL players either. Eventually, Jaden realized that the two men were Redskins players, and his excitement shot through the roof. He posed for a picture with his brand new Xbox One and the two kind football legends who had taken it upon themselves to make the boy’s day.

“Jaden flew on cloud nine to the car,” Jaden’s grandmother, Saundra, shared in an interview. “The next morning, he woke up and looked at me and said, ‘Nana, I had a dream that I was in a GameStop and two Redskins players bought me an Xbox.’ I said, ‘That wasn’t a dream, you dodo. That really happened.’”

Thanks to another shopper who witnessed the interaction, the kindness of the Redskins players went viral overnight as thousands of people shared Jaden’s picture and story on Facebook and other social media sites. For Saundra and Jaden, the chance encounter is one that has truly impacted their lives. “He’s just such a good kid, and it was just such a blessing,” Saundra said. “It was just so wonderful. The experience of a lifetime.”

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