Signs of Hope in Newberg, Oregon

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you stop and think about the issues facing your community, your country, and even the world. But one women in Newberg, Oregon is proving that a few encouraging words can help make the world a brighter place.

Two years ago, Amy Wolff finished readying “Love Does” by Bob Goff. The book described acts of extravagant love and how every person can show such love, especially to strangers. Knowing that there were individuals in her community struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide, she began to wonder how she could help bring hope into their lives.

Elizabeth Bricknell, Facebook

“I thought, wouldn’t it be crazy if you were driving down the road and you just saw a sign that said ‘Don’t give up?’” Amy enlisted the help of her friend Jessica Brittell, a graphic designer, to create simple signs of hope. They started with 20 signs featuring a short, simple message of encouragement and kindness like “Don’t Give Up,” and “Your Mistakes Do Not Define You.”

 With her husband and her two small daughters by her side, Amy took the signs out into the community and began knocking on doors to ask residents if they would mind putting a sign in their front yard. Amy was unsure how the effort would be received, but was happily surprised at how quickly community members jumped at the chance.

Before long, word of these signs of hope began spreading through social media. People began asking for the signs and looking for places where they could be purchased. Soon, Amy was busy printing 150 signs. The next week, even more were needed. 

The effort that started out as one young family’s attempt to do something kind for their community had quickly grown into a movement. Amy decided she needed to take the project a step further, and created the non-profit “Don’t Give Up Signs.” There is now a website where people can purchase their own yard sign bundles, decals for their cars, and stickers. If you would like to learn more about Don’t Give Up Signs, visit their website at

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