A Summer Camp That is Truly for Everyone

Patricia Howard | September 10th, 2017

Camp is one of the best parts of summer. There are summer camps that focus on everything from sports to theater to science and much more where kids can spend their days following their interests and making memories. But many times, kids with special needs are unable to attend summer camps because of their disabilities or medical conditions.

But at the Rainbow Day Camp, none of that matters. This incredible summer camp was designed with special needs in mind, and is a fully accessible and inclusive camp where kids of all abilities can just be kids. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this camp is staffed by doctors and nurses to make sure that every child is fully cared for and safe while they are off having fun. Their mission is to encourage the growth of the whole individual, regardless of physical, developmental, or financial ability.

Albert & Ann Deshur JCC Rainbow Day Camp, Facebook

The camp is jam-packed with incredible equipment that offers something for everyone. There is an aquatic center for swimmers, a nature center for science buffs, and even an activity center where kids can play with trains and Legos and try their hand at ceramics and woodworking. A climbing tower, zipline, and educational garden are also on-site.

There are several sessions that take place in 2-week periods, so that kids of all ages and interests can find the perfect fit. Each special child is also invited to bring along a sibling or a friend to enjoy the experience with them. No matter the abilities of the child, Rainbow Day Camp is designed to let every child participate to their fullest ability – no matter their limitations or needs.

This summer, dozens of kids with disabilities were able to make the happiest of memories at Rainbow Day Camp. And even though this summer is over, there is more fun to be had in the summer of 2018. Early bird pricing for next summer’s adventures is available starting in January. To learn more, visit www.rdc.jccmilwaukee.org.

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