The Teen that’s Fighting Cyber Bullies One Hashtag at a Time


Chase Marvil isn’t your typical millennial college student. While the sophomore at Delaware Technical Institute is a heavy consumer of social media, he’s also a force for positive change in the digital space. While he was still in high school, Chase set out to change the way that people interacted on social media.

It’s called The Inspiring Project. And it’s already touched thousands of people living all over the world. In fact, in just a few short years, over 100,000 people have joined the online movement. Beginning in 2013, Chase started spreading digital kindness using the hashtag #InspiringProject alongside uplifting stories, thoughts, quotes, and photos on Twitter and Instagram.

Being aware of the damage that cyber bullying can do, Chase wanted to focus on the positive ways that social media could be used to build up people who are vulnerable or hurting.  “I wanted to show people that when they go on social media there isn’t always negativity,” Chase shared in an interview last year. “People go on social media to bully people because they feel safe because they aren’t saying it to the other person’s face, and that can lead to suicidal thoughts,” he said. “I wanted to show people that there are people that care about them on the Internet, and give them a way to escape the negativity.”

Chase brought the project into the real world, too, when he created an “Inspiring Wall” during his junior year of high school. The space was a place where Woodbridge High School students could share motivational messages to their fellow students. Now, he sells bracelets and clothing with the #InspiringProject logo and the phrase “I will not give up.”

With nothing more than a penchant for positivity and a hashtag in hand, Chase has helped to counter the negative nature of many cyber bullies and internet trolls by bringing hope and light to people in need. Just like it says on the project’s website, “You never know how far your motivation can go, but it is simple things that can be the light in someone’s darkest days.”


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