Terminally Ill Father Recorded A Video For His Cancer-Stricken 5 Year Old Daughter… Must Watch

Tom Attwater is terminally ill with a brain tumor and wanted to provide his daughter with important life lessons before he passed. His daughter, Kelli, who is actually his stepdaughter, was born in January of 2009. When she was just 3 months old, she was diagnosed with Childhood Cancer, or Neuroblastoma.

After surviving multiple treatments of chemotherapy, Kelli was able to beat the cancer twice. Tom’s letter is one that shows how selfless people can be even when they are faced with life-threatening problems themselves.

Here is an excerpt of Tom’s letter to Kelli:

“Darling Kelli,

I’m so sorry I will not get to see you grow up as I so want to. Please don’t blame people or the world for this. A lot of life is simply luck and mine is running out.

I wish I had the words to make you feel better. I wish I didn’t have cancer and you didn’t have to see me in pain as you often do now. I wish so many things were different but they are not.

Most dads and daughters have decades to chat around the kitchen table, their hands warmed by mugs of coffee, as the dad dishes out advice and their girls no doubt roll their eyes. We don’t have that time. I won’t be able to drop you off on your first day at big school, pick you up after your first date, hold you when your heart hurts or cheer when you graduate.

But while your old dad is still around I thought I’d try to give you some life advice in one go. I hope it gives you some comfort. I hope cancer never returns so that your life is long, fulfilled and happy.”

Watch Tom read his letter in this heartwarming video below:

Tom is currently trying to raise money to support Kelli in case the cancer ever returns. If you would like to help, please visit this site: justgiving.com/helpkelli

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