The Car Crash That Saved Two Lives

Wonderlane, Flickr

A car accident isn’t something that most people would wish for, let alone intentionally set out to cause. But for Nakia Moore and her precious baby girl, a car accident that happened just one year ago may have just saved their lives.

One ordinary Friday in July of 2016, Nakia Moore was driving down the Florida 441 with her daughter. She was on her way to pick up her husband from work in West Park. All of a sudden, Nakia’s world went dark. “I remember the car rolling,” she said, “and after that is just a blank.”

Brigitte Gonzalez was one of the drivers sharing the 441 with Nakia that day. She noticed that something was wrong when she heard countless cars honking their horns all around here. As she started looking around, she noticed that the Nissan Altima to her left was moving erratically. When she looked to the driver, her heart stopped.

“I saw the lady, and she was having a stroke, a seizure,” Brigitte said. Nakia was foaming out of her mouth and shaking uncontrollably. Brigitte was unsure what to do. “Then I saw her daughter, and that’s when I guess it hit me in my heart that I was like, have to stop her.”

Brigitte knew that she had to slow the car down, but she wasn’t exactly sure how to do it. “I just decided to slow down and kind of slightly hit her,” Brigitte told a local news station. Brigitte merged into the left lane to position her car in front of Nakia’s. Then she slowed down enough that Nakia’s car eventually made contact with her back bumper. At this point, Brigitte began to ease on her brakes, slowly bringing both cars to a stop.

Another driver managed to flag down an officer from the Boward Sheriff’s Office. Once he made it to the scene, Sergeant Kypps Pollard helped keep the other motorists on the 441 away from the two cars as they finally stopped moving. Pollard sang Brigitte’s praises when retelling the event. “She just positioned her car, you know, with the speeds that the car was going to minimize that amount of damage and the impact.”

For Nakia Moore, her next memory was a frightening one. “The next thing I remember is coming to and seeing the police officers and everybody around the car,” she said. She added that without Brigitte’s quick thinking and skillful intervention, which put her own life at risk, Nakia and her daughter might not be here today. Brigitte is just happy that Nakia and her daughter are going to be okay.

“Thank God that there are good people out there,” Officer Pollard said, “that do things just for the right reason.”

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