The Furry Friend of Brookdale Senior Living Facility

Izzy is just like any other resident at the Brookdale Senior Living facility in Kingston, Tennessee. It is the place where she eats, sleeps, and spends time with her friends. She also happens to be dog.

When Izzy’s owner, Jim, was transitioning to the care facility, he knew he couldn’t leave his best friend behind. So Izzy made the move as well. The 50 pound mixed-breed sweetheart had lived with Jim her entire life, so it was easy for her to make the move as long as her beloved owner was by her side. She lived with Jim in his room, which was a few doors down from the manager’s office. She mostly stuck with her old pal, Jim, but occasionally would venture out into the facility to have a look around and make new friends.

Brookdale is a special facility with a pet-friendly policy that allows residents to keep their pets with them as long as their furry friends pose no danger and can be cared for by their owners. Jim had no trouble caring for his best girl until his health started to decline last year. That’s when the Brookdale staff stepped in to help care for Izzy. Someone would make sure to take her for a walk each morning, and gradually Izzy began spending more and more time with the facility’s management team.

Knoxville News Sentinel, YouTube

Sadly, Izzy’s beloved owner, Jim, soon passed away. But there was never a question that Izzy was going to be part of the Brookdale family for the rest of her life. The staff slowly began coaxing her from Jim’s empty room out into the lobby area. Hundreds of treats and lots of loving later, Izzy no longer went looking for Jim in his empty room.

Today, Izzy has become Brookdale’s “official greeter.” She takes her duties seriously, and is sure to welcome anyone who comes through the doors of her forever home. The elderly dog lounges on a bed behind the front lobby desk where she can keep watch, despite her failing eyesight, through a large window. As soon as the front door buzzer rings, Izzy races to meet the newcomer with a charming grin and friendly wag of her tail.

The friendly pooch is sensitive to the residents’ emotions, and never bothers anyone who doesn’t care for dogs. No residents have ever tripped over her, and she has never caused any other problems you might expect from a jovial animal roaming freely through the halls of a facility like Brookdale. The residents love her, the staff adore her, and Izzy feels just the same about all of them.

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