Watch The Moment Two Blind Sisters See For The Very First Time

20/20/20 is a nonprofit organization that provides surgeries for people in extremely poor nations who otherwise couldn’t afford it. They say that a new miracle surgery could restore the vision of half the world’s blind population, but many of them are too poor to afford it.

Sonia and Anita are sisters that live in India. They were both born blind. Their parents make 17 cents an hour, barely enough to live. 20/20/20 gave the sisters the opportunity to see again by paying for their surgery. The amazing thing is that the surgery only costs $300! Think of the things we buy with $300… Half an iPhone, a winter coat, new designer shoes… now imagine giving someone else the gift of sight for the SAME PRICE.

Watch the eye-opening video below:

First Sight: Sonia and Anita from WonderWork on Vimeo.

If you would like to help 20/20/20 and their efforts, please visit their website at:

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